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Buoyant Performing Arts:
a non-profitable International Dance Company

led by Saurabh Sureka, Buoyant is curating and
convening dance performances of diverse scales in various
genres, for several projects. It is known for putting its intense creative energy into the realm of art education and community service by providing dance and fitness classes for people of all ages

    Note from the
    Art Director

    ``Dance is referred to by many as a universal language. For as long as I can
    remember, I have been enamored with how dance can articulate life's complexities in a way that goes far beneath the surface. My mission, as Artistic Director for the Buoyant Performing Arts, is to educate and inspire people of all ages through the art of dance. As a choreographer, I am committed to creating and presenting inspiring performances with extraordinary energy and to providing audiences with a positive experience. As an educator, I strive to communicate and promote dance in a manner accessible to all people. As a leader, I have the responsibility to convert potentials of individual artist to the best display. Buoyant Performing Arts Dance Company is proud today to be recognized as one of the unique dance companies in the country and we still strive to be reachable internationally.``

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    New Year Party – 01/01/18

    Celebrating new year party with all our students n team…..Happy New Year!

    Dance Fest  – 04/05/18

    International Dance Fest! Come Tango Guys! You n Us!

    Meeting Our amazing
    Team Members

    managing a studio, big workshops, events and opportunity
    to choreograph, teach, perform and handle projects with
    international artists. we do et al!

    "I have explored the beautiful dance form of contemporary and ballet in this dance academy and i feel to be here forever. It has already been four years and i can see the positive growth in me. However busy I am, but i always take out time for this class."



    "As a 37 years old, i was skeptic and shy to try something new in dance. But the environment you provide for adult dancers is warm, inviting and so much fun! After I took my first Contemporary class I was hooked! … These classes continue to be a stress buster for me after the week's office stress."

    Puja Dutta


    “The Dance Class is family! The teachers are wonderful, dedicated, passionate, patient and inspirational. If you want to be a part of an awesome team and family Buoyant's class is it !!!!”

    Chandrima Adhikari


    "We were fortunate to join Buoyant Dance Class four years ago, and we have never looked back. You have fueled her love for dance and given her so many opportunities to enhance her skills, compete in competitions. Your supportive and family oriented atmosphere, your outstanding teachers and choreographers and the opportunities you provide your students truly make your company unique. Thank you, Ashish Sir and Sabita Ma'am, for everything you do to spread your love of dance!”

    Mrs. Shaifali Singh Student - Naira


    “We tried dance lessons at few other dance studios before finally finding Buoyant. What a huge difference! Buoyant’s instructors are off the charts talented and by far teach kids better than anyone else. They take care of your growth and learning.“

    Rashmi Agarwal Housewife


    "I am really proud of how committed and motivated I am under your guidance and expertise. I just love the team and the work you guys are into and would recommend to try connecting with them for creativity exploration within yourself."

    Ria Roy Choudhury Student


    Thank you for everything you have done. As a mother I am proud as punch for her to be part of such a magical team! The children have great teachers who really believe in them, thanks for believing in my little girl. She has grown so much in confidence, presentation and technique. You are making such a difference to young people not only in terms of their performance capabilities but also in their personal development."

    Alpana Agarwal Parent of Tinisha


    A big THANK YOU to you and your team for bringing out the best in Kolkata, teaching so well and bringing in wonderful teachers for workshops. You have provided incredible opportunities to city dancers and helped connect various dancers through out of the box projects. We are very grateful to have you as our partners."

    Suman Sarawgi A Manipur Dancer & Enterpreneur


    “Buoyant has been getting artists from all over the world. They are doing a real good job. It exchanges thoughts, learning and also enhances the scope of the Art. Loved taking the residency with the students. Wish to come back again in future to provide master classes with Buoyant.”

    Janet Reed Guest teacher from State University of New York, Baffalo


    Had a privilege of working with such a company that provides ideas to freely be explored and transformed into process of creation. Brilliant work these guys are doing.

    Nicole Lam Guest faculty in Buoyant and Director for Prisma Dance. Hawaii, USA

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