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Whether you want to dance professionally or develop your talent, we have a class for you!

Along with vocabulary, technique and body placement, students will learn creative expression and explore the art of dance in a positive motivating atmosphere while building confidence to succeed and understanding the emotions felt with it is something you will feel and understand only with us.

Community classes are for all ages and competitive levels with a minimum 1 year course for each level. The classes are well-structured and the curriculum is prepared and approved by a panel of guest teachers and Advisories. The student gets technical knowledge as well as fulfill their individual goals while working in a group. At the studio we make sure the instructors provides personal attention to each student.

A professionally staged production once every year for students and company members for different age groups showcase their art and refine their ability to communicate through dance. We invite guest artists to share their experiences and conduct classes and mentor our instructors and train them. The workshops are a platform to learn and understand more from eminent teachers across the globe.

Kids Classes

Dance is the second thing a child learns after walking. Children should start training and lessons in dance as it develops not only their creativity, confidence, musicality, imagination but also help them in their studies, concentration, and expression and indirectly make them happy.

We make sure personal attention is provided to each one along with evaluation and better mentoring for all over child’s growth. The class includes fun choreography, games and imagery is used as a tool for better understanding and teaching

Kids Ballet, Bollywood and Jazz are only available forms at the moment: (6 to 12 years)
Creative Dance : (2 to 5 years)
Ballet : (5 to 12 years)
Bollywood : (5 to 12 years)
Street Jazz : (6 to 12 years)
Hip Hop : (6 to 12 years)

Adult Classes

There are various reason for dancing than just as a hobby and entertainment. Dancing results in a happy living, healthy life and confidence building in social set up. We have classes for teenagers, mothers and aged ladies who just would like to relieve their tension and stress.

We provide advanced training also to the students who would like to get involved in dance professionally.
The teacher make sure that the individual goals are met during the end of term.

Ballet : (13 to 30 years)
Contemporary : (13 to 40 years)
Dance Fitness (for all ages)
Yoga (for all ages)
Improvisation : (20 to 30 years)

Level Placement

Introductory / Beginner
NO EXPERIENCE NECESSARY! An absolute beginning class that will introduce basic dance vocabulary and emphasize proper posture, muscle development, flexibility, musicality, and grace of movement. Steps are introduced incrementally so that self-esteem and technique develop in a positive atmosphere. This class is highly recommended for first time students and those who are unfamiliar with basic dance technique.

This class is designed for dancers or students who have excelled in the beginner level gaining basic dance vocabulary and have a desire to improve their strength and technique.
They will have more focused classes with emphasize on muscle development, flexibility, performance abilities, and techniques through combinations and choreographies.

Dancers with previous training will enjoy the transition into an intermediate level class. Students will progress at a quick yet comfortable pace while increasing strength and flexibility. Movement combinations are layered with multiple steps to refine and advance your dance technique on a pre-professional level.


We offer a wide range of exams and assessments to motivate and reward students of all ages and capabilities. Dance exams are optional, but are encouraged as it provides an opportunity for the dance student to work toward an attainable goal, increase confidence, and continually improve his or her standard of technique and artistry. The examination is held once each year and the schedule is announced two months back. The examination is conducted in two parts – internal examination graded by the in-house teacher and external examination graded by an external examiner affiliated by Suro Bharati, registered under West Bengal Government.

Buoyant Performing Arts is approved to take examination for Indian (Kathak) and International forms of dance – Ballet, Contemporary but we are continuously trying to increase our scope. The examination is sometimes open to alumni too giving them opportunity to challenge themselves.


  • The International Dance Council CID, official partner of UNESCO, validates teaching by offering certificates of the International Certification of Dance Studies. Each Level is at least 150 hours, including classes, rehearsals, performances, lectures. Once the students completes this at any competitive levels, he / she is eligible to receive this certificate suggested by the Director. This certificate is worldwide accepted and is issued by the CID Secretariat (Paris)
  • There is a certification provided for workshops, performances and lectures attended at the company depending on the completion of requirements certified by the company and authenticated by the mentors.
  • Completion of examinations will also award you with a certificate on completion of the examination and a validation of your skill and knowledge. We are associated with Suro Bharati Sangeet Kala Kendra, recognized by Govt of India & Kavayitri Bahinabai Chaudhari North Maharasthra University. It is India’s One of the Largest Cultural Organization providing Diploma / Certificates Examination that are recognized / approved by International Organization for Standardization 9001 : 2015.


The structure of they dance class can be distilled down as :

  1. Generic warm-up, followed by a style-specific warm-up [can be floor work / standing ]
  2. Preparatory exercises
  3. Progressive exercises or combinations
  4. Choreography
  5. Cool-down

Enrollment Procedure

  • Take the correct information and select the class nearest to you and as per your interest. The information is available on our website.
  • Call us for an appointment at that particular studio or fill the inquiry form by providing your details on our website.
  • Visit the studio with a photograph or for a free* demo class.
  • Fill an application form. Pay the one time registration fee and monthly fee.

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