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Past Workshops

by our Guest Teachers




Feldenkrais method for dancers – Workshop by Mark Hirschfield (USA)

Enter the Dragon – Workshop on Combat Dance by Shifu Ashutosh M (Mumbai)

Falling into Flying with Vega Luukkonen (Germany)

Managing of Physical health from dancer’s perspective by Dr. Prakkash R. Sharoff (Mumbai)



From Grey to Diamond – Workshop By Mei Kuang Li (Taiwan)

Feldenkrais method for dancers – Workshop by Saurabh Sureka

Advance Russian Ballet Olena Bublyk (St. Petersburg)

Advance Ballet technique by Nayara Lopes (Principal dancer Philadelphia Ballet, USA)



Lairen Mathek- A Movement Workshop by Surjit Nongmeikapam

Flying low & Passing Through by Priyabrata Panigrahi (Bangalore)

Workshop by Martin Piliponsky Braier (Argentina)

Beyond Bodies in space by Chaim Gebber (Berlin)

Dancers are fun to be with always
Dance Master classes near me


International dance workshop
Dance certificate course

Contemporary Dance Workshop & Lecture by Stefano Fardelli (Italy)

Contemporary dance techniques by Sylvester Mardi (Bangalore)

Kathak Contemporary & Flying Low by Pankaj Sihag (Ahmadabad)

Improvisation & Space exploration by Sumeet Mohanty (Bhuwaneshwar), 2019

Masterclass by Dr. Rankini Devi (Australia)


Contemporary Master Class by Cécile Loyer (France)

Contemporary Workshop by Parth Bhardwaj (Attakalari, Bangalore)

Body Awareness Workshop by Avinash Lokhande (Mumbai)

Contemporary Workshop by Satakshi Nandy (Kolkata)

Body Training & Choreography Workshop by Anindita Ghosh (Attakalari, Bangalore)

Choreography and Improvisation by Tapaz Boro (Mumbai)

Modern Dance Workshop with Lucas Viallefond (France)

dance workshop near me


15 days Residency project with Diniz Sanchez (Portugal)

Workshop by Imani Gaston (The State University of Ohio, USA)

Workshop by Takao San Kawagachi (Japan)

“Antargata” – A Bharatnatyam master workshop by Priya Kaul (Bangalore)

Master Dance workshop by Leah Raphael Curtis (New York)

Workshop by Surjit Nongmeikapam (Manipur)

Flying Low Technique Workshop by Shruti Maria Datar (Mumbai)

Workshop by Kendra Carson (University of Pennsylvania, U.S.A.)

Butoh Workshop by Rhizome Lee (Japan) as a part of Kolkata International Butoh festival.

Hip Hop Workshop by Ansley Joans (Georgia, USA), Florentino Flow (Seattle, USA), Fatimah White (Visual Artist from Brooklyn, USA)


Kalaripayattu by Arka Mukhopadhyay (Kolkata) – A part of The Arshinagar Project.

Ballet Workshop by Nicole Lam & Crystal Yukumoto (Hawaii, U.S.A.)

Choreography and Planning Dance workshop by Johannes Boing (Germany)

Dance Photography Workshop by Albert Moreno (U.S.A.)

Contemporary workshop by Leah Raphael Curtis (New York, U.S.A.)

Dance photography workshop


Ballet workshop by Nicole Lam (U.S.A.)

Contemporary workshop withAmey Mehta (Mumbai)

Indian Contemporary Workshop by Shakti Mohan (Mumbai)

Release Technique by Silvia Vona (Italy)

15 days Residency project with Janet Reed (Senior Professor SUNY, New York Buffalo, USA)

Urban Hip Hop Workshop by Ankit Sati (Delhi).

Workshop by Swati Mohan –“Finding Inner Connections” (Delhi).


House & Hip Hop Workshop by Jardy Santiago (California)

Belly Dance Workshop with SanazBakhtiari (Iran)

Funk Tap Workshop with Pascal Hulin (France)

Creative Dance Therapy Workshop by SumarSarawgi (Kolkata)

Yoga Ballet Workshop by Soraya Franco (Dominic Republic)

Alexander Technique and Body Conditioning by our Director, SaurabhSureka (Kolkata)

Kalaripayattu Workshop by Shubhajit Das (Kolkata)

Workshop by Aryan Rajput (Hyderabad)

Tribal Fusion Belly Dance Workshop with BinduBolar (Bangalore)

Contemporary Workshop with RenukumarSiddanand (Bangalore).

Contemporary Improvisation workshop with Diya Naidu (Bangalore)

Belly Dance in Kolkata