Professional Master Classes (Advanced)

sweat, smile, and repeat

Open Master Class for Dancers

Professional Master Classes By Buoyant Dance Academy


If you have completed a minimum of three years professional training, we welcome independent dance artists and dance teachers to join the company dancers in their technique training classes at our principal studio.

The class is taught by the Director, guest teachers or company dancers, and will alternate between contemporary, ballet, modern and improvisation techniques. Please check our schedule for detailed information.

Please let our Director or Studio Managers know what classes you will be attending as there are limited spaces and so we know when to expect you.

Dance & Arts Trainee & Apprentice Program

Dance & Arts Trainee & Apprentice Program is a progressive training program for serious dancers who wish to enhance their development and discover opportunities within the performing arts. In addition to dance technique instruction, rehearsing with the company members, and performance opportunities, the program also features mentoring in dance education programming and insights into the business aspects of running a dance company or studio. As a result, program participants emerge better informed and prepared to find success in the dance industry.
The joining dancers benefit from specially tailored courses, workshops related to the repertoire, as well as coaching, counseling, and courses in other subjects such as contemporary dance, improvisation, managing productions, and partnering. In addition, theory classes on the contents of the program as well as arts management subjects, the course is a well-rounded education and to be able to provide them with intensive artistic supervision.


February, April and June (2024)
[Every Monday and Saturday]
8:00 am to 9:15 am

₹ 600/- per class.