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Our team of dancers and artists have performed in various festivals, corporate shows, competitions across the country.


  • Performed at Prakriti Excellence for Contemporary Dance Awards (2022)
  • Performance at Kolkata Arts Lane Festival in 2019
  • Performed in Dance Bridges Festival 2019 with international artists.
  • Performance at Kolkata International Performance Art Festival in January 2017.
  • Performance at Short & Sweet Theatre Festival in August 2017.
  • Participation in Natraj Spiritual Dance Festival in New Delhi 2017.
  • Performance at Momentum – experimental arts festival in RANGE Art Gallery in April 2016.
  • Performance at INTERFACE 2016, a contemporary dance festival by Sapphire Dance Company.
  • Performance at The Dance bridges festival 2015.
  • Participants at International Latin Dance Fiesta Kolkata 2013, 2014 and 2015.

Corporate Shows

  • Daikin at ITC Royal Bengal in 2023
  • PS Group at J W Marriot in 2019

Stage Performances

  • Performance at Bubble Blue Pre-school annual show at Rabindra Tirtha in 2019.
  • Buoyant’s Annual dance production / Showcase at ICCR 2016, 2017 and 2019.
  • Outdoor Street performance in Kolkata Street Art festival August 2018.
  • Performance at Alliance Francaise de Bengale in July 2018.
  • Indian Premier League’s (IPL) official Cheer Mob for Kolkata Knight Riders in 2014.


“Obsessive Compulsive and Myself” in 2013.

Choreographed by Saurabh Sureka.
Dancers – Ria Roychowdhury, Ashish Singha, Catherine Silvia, Rahul Sharma, Souvik Basak, Sayan Debnath

The choreography was based on is a mental disorder where people feel the need to check things repeatedly, have certain thoughts repeatedly, or feel they need to perform certain routines repeatedly. People are unable to control either the thoughts or the activities. The choreography had verbal aids, props and sections which demonstrated the frustration of suffering from this disorder.
Duration: 14 minutes

dance performance
dance performance
“The Human Ways” in 2015.

Choreographed by Saurabh Sureka.
Lights by Dinesh Poddar.
Sound edit by Sayan Debnath
Dancers – Ashish Singha, Sayan Debnath, Antara Basu, Sabita Shaw

Human are evolved beings with utmost intelligence and have understanding of the external world different from other species.
The Human Way is what you do when you are all by yourself. Human beings move, create, share, laugh, play – things that is naturally instilled in all the creatures on the planet.But tactfulness in move, selfishness for the created, witty in the laughter, politic in the play, phony appreciation has become the ways now.
The choreography has been set with 4 dancers and in contemporary dance style which brings forth the concept of how human have attained certain negative adjectives in modern world to their ways.
Duration: 7.5 minutes

“The Bench-mark” in 2016, 2022.

Choreographed by Saurabh Sureka.
Dancers – Sabita Shaw, Sayan Debnath, Asish Singha, Puja Dutta and Akash

Space is not just a container of reality but an integral aspect of it. Life’s struggle and competitiveness tends to hide the reality. The concept of space as denoted by a bench is subjective to each individual in the material world. Has the limited experience of the unreal world influenced our definition to space? Has the knowing of individual space created differences among us?
Duration: 18 minutes

“From Imbalanced to Balanced”.
Concept & Choreography by – Saurabh Sureka & Diniz Sanchez (Portugal)
Dancer – Sayan Debnath, Ashish Singha & Saurabh Sureka
Motion starts from zero and juggles itself from being imbalance to being balance. Experimenting movement with the visual equilibrium, this choreography let us think about the pattern of Balancing.
It also explores its continuity nature and co-relation of Balance with symmetrical constructions. This choreography will leave the audience in an abstract thought about being Imbalanced.
Duration : 12 minutes

Concept & Choreography – Saurabh Sureka
Original Music Composition
Dancers – Asish Singha, Sayan Debnath.

Duration: 25 min

Choreography work
A choreography by Saurabh Sureka
dance class academy
Choreographed by Asish Singha
Costumers by Ria RoyChoudhury

This work tells he stories of those deprived women who are enforced to get married against their own consent. These women are compelled to marry someone forcefully just for the sake of society’s obligation or family pressure. Some get to a happy conjugal life after they marry while others are forced to live a life that they don’t deserve. Being a victim of harassment, torture throughout their life they wait for their death.

Duration: 8min


Concept & Choreography – Saurabh Sureka
Original Music Composition – Sayan Debnath.
Performed by Pallavi Pandey, Ishwari Basu, Puja Dutta, Priyanka Bose, Akash Hembram, Sabita Shaw, Sayan Debnath.

Duration: 30min

Dance choreography
Dance choreography by Rayan (Sayan Debnath)
Dance choreo
Choreography by Asish Singha as a part of showcase 2018

Choreography by Ashish Singha
Performed by Puja Dutta, Soumita Hari, Akash Hembram, Saptarshi Mondal, Troyee Bose, Ishwari Basu, Pallavi Pandey, Shivangi Mukherjee, Sohini Mazumdar, Shreya Mukherjee, Susweta Bhattacharaya.

Duration: 25min

A short Pas de deux Ballet (2022)

Choreography from Giselle (act I) by Saurabh Sureka and
Performed by Ashish Singha & Sabita Shaw

Ballet classes in Kolkata

"Buoyant company has been doing so much unique work in the city. It was really great to connect with such a passionate team of dancers."

Cécile Loyer (France)

"The company dancers are very hard working and dedicated. It is alway a pleasure to associate with Buoyant and the dancers. They have a good focus towards their work."

Dam Van Huynh (U.K.)


"It is always a pleasure to associate with Buoyant and the dancers and the students. The students are very dedicated to their dance."

Dam Van Huynh Director of Van Huynh Company (London, U.K.)


"Buoyant company has amazing dancers and the director is working hard on them. They are the best in the city i know."

Nicole Lam Director of Prisma Dance


" The piece 'human ways' by Buoyant was an interesting piece with some nice surprise moves by the dancers. "

Jeff Hsieh Choreographer at Anarchy Dance Theatre, Taipei, Taiwan


" Saurabh Sureka explored in his work 'From Imbalance to Balance', a mix of movements related to fall and revovery and a chair as a prop to portray stability. The prop of chair was used cleverly for the theme though like all contemporary works the theme remained abstract. "

Dr. Sunil Kothari A dance historian, scholar, author and critic.