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Artist Collaboration

At Buoyant Performing Arts, we invite artists to collaborate with us to connect, create, collaborate and share. Musicians, Visual artists, Choreographer, Designers, Dancers, Writers & Filmmakers can collaborate with us to produce work together with the company dancers. We would also invite teachers and professional artists and host workshops, conduct seminars and performance platform for them.

Please send your interest to collaborate and a work project with you profile to our email – buoyant.dance@gmail.com. In special cases only we can take care of your accommodation and local travel and resources during the working days in the city.

Scholarship in Full Time Training in Dance

This program helps youngsters who want to take up dancing as their bread and butter to grow in all aspects and get work in the company and sustain themselves through dance. The training program conducted for the company members is to provide an all-round development to our students where they receive training in four aspects of dance – Physical training, Theoretical training, Mental/Spiritual training and management training. The students are exposed to cultural shows, workshops, productions at national and international level done by the company. They are given opportunity to choreograph, teach and manage the in-house facilities and are given lectures on theory of dancing, methods of teaching and various other topics related to dance. The company students indulge in organising the in-house events which gives them a vast experience of event field.

The opportunity given to the students will help them to enhance and give them a proper outlook and also gives opportunities to work with different creative artists at different levels which enhances their communication and management skills thus helping them to become a team player, a manager, a choreographer, a teacher and is imbibed with vast  information about the industry leading to the overall growth of the individual. BPA is committed to the individual students growth as a dancer and artist along with instilling the qualities that are essential to a successful life; discipline, responsibility, and teamwork.

Performance Opportunity

The company also provides opportunity to selected individuals and dancers to perform with the company dancers and challenge themselves of their dance skills. The dancers are selected through audition and have to attend all the rehearsals that happens for the particular production / choreography. The dancers are sometimes paid. Both out-station dancers and local dancers can apply. We try to cover up the accommodation cost of the out-station dancers.

Internship Opportunities

We are thrilled to offer internships to a handful of aspiring dancers, choreographers, and entrepreneurs throughout the year! Apply now and work alongside to gain professional experience, wisdom, and learn in the city’s renowned dance company.

As an intern, you represent Buoyant’s core values: Imagination, Authenticity, Collaboration, and Technique.

Why intern and is it for you?

  • You will gain professional experience and build your resume.
  • You will learn a variety of skills on the job (Administration, Technical, Appointments & Scheduling, and more…) and be a valuable part of the creative and administrative team.
  • You will have opportunities to network with Kolkata’s artistic community.
  • You will have opportunities to take classes/workshops, attend performances, and possibly perform if you are a dancer.
  • You will be mentored and encouraged to ask questions, give input, and receive feedback.

An intern can be in –

The Marketing:

  • Web and Social Media Intern assists the company with the execution of company marketing and community outreach efforts. The Marketing Intern will write and edit copy for Buoyant online marketing materials and assist with managing and uploading website and social media content.
  • Press/Editorial Intern assists with all aspects of securing and maintaining media coverage of our events; and managing the editing of printed blogs, editorials and fliers. Press responsibilities include helping to manage media relations and materials for company performances and events, drafting news and writing press releases.
  • Company Management Interns will be responsible for expanding network by meeting given institutes and artists, preparing proposals, planning for upcoming performances, workshops, and assisting the artistic director with special projects.
  • Video Documentation Intern will work include filming performances, classes, events, rehearsals and special events, as well as editing videos used to help promote Buoyant.
  • Fundraising/Grants Intern works closely with generating sponsors for our events, projects and agencies that support the arts, and other donors. Responsibilities include prospect research, proposal and report writing, strategy and planning meetings, special events and member recruitment.

Candidates should possess organizational, time-management skills, and be confident in managing their own projects from start to finish. We are looking for candidates with skills relevant to their internship of choice and/or a strong passion to learn these skills.  He/She should be fluent in communication.  Candidates may express interest in more than one of the internships listed above.  Interns must be 18 years of age to apply. We offers internships on a seasonal basis and should be of minimum 4-6 months, available for the full length of the mentioned duration and be available to work for a minimum of 6 hours a week. Passion for dance and belief in Buoyant’s work is a must!
This internship offers no pay but we reimburse you with any expenses incurred for company’s work. If you have questions, someone on our staff is happy to help!