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QUEER -The Struggle

The term ‘queer’ was basically coined to define things or situations or a definition that defines strangeness or odds. ‘Queer’ the dance short film is an initiative exhibit the clash between stereotype realities and what exactly reality could be.This short dance film is a perfect epitome that defies the proverb ‘beauty lies in the eyes of the behold’: it showcases that imperfections or insolvency is also a part of nature that adds a different way to beautify things t’s we, who have to get out of the cliches and be human enough to understand others that aren’t that common. This short film is also a dedication to the queer sexual community of the society, empathizing them and exhibiting them to be natural.

Concept and videography by Sayan Debnath   Choreography: Asish Singha

Dance company

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