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Dancer’s Nutrition intake

Dancing is a physically vigorous activity and requires a great deal of focus, strength, and stamina. Constant rehearsal and performance takes a toll on muscles, joints, bones and overall health. In order for dancers to perform at their best, it is very important that they are well fuelled and fit. A balance of nutrition plan will not only improve energy, concentration, and focus but also will assist in injury and fatigue prevention and promote endurance within the dance industry. Eating the right quality of foods can increase energy, focus, and concentration.

As a highly active individual, you’ll need more calories than the average person. Iron is used by your body to make haemoglobin and myoglobin, proteins that carry oxygen to the body and muscles. Consuming high-quality protein before and after dancing may benefit your overall body composition, performance, and tone. When you eat vitamin C rich foods in the same meal, iron absorption will be increased. Carbohydrates are a dancer’s best source of energy. The micronutrients are also essential and include vitamins and minerals like calcium, Vitamin D, iron, vitamin B12, and zinc.

Dancer’s are suggested to eat two full meal and small bites in between to keep them charged. Food intake timing may be beneficial but doesn’t have to be overcomplicated. You have to be conscious of your food habits and avoid excessive sugar and fats.

Maintaining hydration while dancing keeps your body cool and less stressed out. Dancers are usually found to be unconsciously under-fuelling themselves with a fear of gaining weight and mass, but the proportion of food should be always be equal to the body demand. Less consumption will start giving you signs of tiredness, sore muscles, pain and stress.


Along with the food a healthy mind is also important for quick response to the learning, good observation and better performance. Get into daily meditation or other practices that connect you to spirituality, reach out to friends and reconnect with family members, read about something different from dance topics and have a good sleep. This supports positive though process and releases stress brought by continuous dancing.

Food will help you increase focus and help you heal better and faster from any injury. A good food and healthy diet will make your mood happy and you will certainly enjoy your work more. Through disciplined diet and consistency one can see changes in their body, growth in career and success.



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