Ashish Singha

Company Member, Instructor and Studio Manager

Ashish Singha

“Asish is a gifted dancer and have been the senior-most dancer in the company. He has a strong vision and passion that leads to his success.”

Asish Singha, a senior company member at Buoyant, has been trained for more than 8 years in Ballet and Contemporary, by Mr. Saurabh Sureka. He started his dance training in Bharatnatyam. An aspiring dancer and a promising choreographer, Asish, is eager to absorb new genres and to experiment with multiple media. He has been teaching contemporary and ballet to Beginner to Intermediate level students gaining much experience in the industry. Asish has handled many projects within and outside the company which has given him a good exposure nationally.
Performances :
# Company Productions and performances : “Obsessive compulsive disorder and myself”, “The Human Ways”, “Re-Cognition” and “Benchmark”
# “Quest”, Choreography by Subhojit Das, performed at Uday Shankar Dance Festival 2014.
# “Creation and Destruction”, Choreography by Kajal Hajra in 2014.
# “Labyrinth of Papers”, Choreography by Subhojit Das 2015.
#  Performed a choreographic work by Vanessa Mirza – “Stronger” at the Street Rickshaw Festival.
# Was a performer in a visual art project by Swarup Dutta entitled – “KAW”
# Performed at “Unicorn Street Arts Festival’18, choreographed by Vanessa Mirza.
# Performaned group and solo works at Kolkata Creative Center (KCC), Akar-Prakar, ICCR.

Residencies & Workshops :
# Participated at the residency by Dam Van Huynh (UK) as a part of Dance Bridges Festival 2017 and 2019.
# Received Scholarship in The Natraj Spiritual Dance Festival 2017-18 New Delhi.
# Was a dancer in a collaboration project with Katja Loher (Switzerland) in a visual art film which was presented in Switzerland and New Delhi.
# Given a workshop at ILead College, Bhawanipore Gujarati College, IIM (kolkata) and IIT (Khadagpur)

Choreographies :

# Choreographed “SWAY” for senior students of Buoyant.
# Choreographed a dance work entitled “HOPE” for ILEAD College.
# Did a sports brand video shoot for “Prayog” in 2019.
Projects :

# Heading the creative team in Arts Connect, he has created and performed a contemporary dance work fusing Butoh dedicated to the ATRAYI river in Balurghat.