Sabita Shaw

Company Member, Instructor

Sabita Shaw

“Sabita has been gifted good flexibility and performance capabilities. She excels in whacking, jazz and getting trained in Ballet and Contemporary in the company.”

Trained in Jazz, Ballet and Contemporary, Sabita has become the fastest growing dancer in the company. She has been specially mentored by the guest instructors at Buoyant, like- Diya Naidu, Amey Mehta, Janet Reed, Nicole Lam and other guests teachers at the company. Currently she is being a studio manager and also teaching Beginner level adults and kids Ballet batches.


Performances :
# She has performed in “The Human Ways”,
# Performed as a dancer in a project – “Into the day dreaming”, a special choreographic work by choreographer Dalija Thelander (Sweden) for babies 3 to 15 months.
# Performed in “Strange Fruit” a dance theatre choreographed by Satakshi Nandy, inspired by the poem by Abel Merropol.
# Performance at Dance Bridges Festival in 2017 & 2019 choreographic pieces by Martin (Spain)
# Corporate shows for Daiken in 2022.
Workshops & Residencies :
# Attended residencies by Imani Gaston (USA), Janet Reed (USA), Diniz Sanchez (Portugal).
# Attended workshop in Kalaripayattu by Balraj Soni, Aerial by Sita Koirala as an introductory course.
# Residency by Dam Van Huynh (UK) in the year 2017 and 2019.
# Attended a virtual residency project by Scotish Dance Theatre and performed at Kolkata Centre for Creativity.
Projects :
# Was a dancer in a collaboration project with Katja Loher (Switzerland) in a visual art film.

Choreographies :

# Her choreography – “STUTTER” got selected in PECDA 2022 and she had performed in Bangalore in April 2022.