Ongoing Dance Projects

Series of Inspirational Performances

‘Arts-Connect’ is collaborating with local, national and international artists from various locations towards spreading awareness, inspiring and bring social change through discussion, conferences, staged performances in music, dance, theatre, painting, recitation, etc… on social, environmental and economical subjects. This non profitable organisation also helps revive and promote old lost traditional art forms and support the artists by spreading awareness and creating the link between artists and audiences. They have done series of performances at Balurghat, Sunderbans, etc… and Buoyant Performing Arts, planning, organising and casting the artists.

9th November 2020 – The first showcase on women empowerment at Balurghat.
19th December 2020 – Presentation highlighting the issues with Atreye river and Bangladesh and water pollution
3rd January 2021 – Educational dream of RabindraNath Tagore
8th March 2021 – Spreading the positivity and ways to cope up with mental, emotional problems
We need your support and For being a part of this, Please write to us.