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BALLET : A brief insight.

Ballet is a performance dance that originated in Italy during 15th century and today is popular all over the world. A unique art form, that has become a highly technical form of dance with its own vocabulary. ballet has the ability to touch people on a deep, abstract level.
Ballet uses elaborate costumes and classical music originally but it has evolved with time.

ballet performance

MUSIC – Today you hear a variety of music in ballet dance because not everyone is interested in classical music. There are many different routines that are learned, combinations and choreographies not specifically on classical music. Although the formal training classes have recorded and sometimes live piano music.
ATTIRE – The dance attire is to be maintained in the formal classes and the performances. Leotard with skirt, ballet shoes, tights make class more focused and structured. The performances include elaborate makeup, costumes and stage set. Tutus are very difficult and expensive to maintain.
STRUCTURE – Exercises for different technique aspects of ballet are usually taught in a short-to-medium length sequence (longer for higher level classes), and then practised as a mini-combination to music, repeated first on the right (ie left hand on the barre) and then the left side (ie right hand on the barre). No matter the level of the class, the order of the exercises (see below) remains the same.
DISCIPLINE – To learn anything consistency in attendance, diligence and discipline is the most integral part. There are class policies and rules that should be followed by each student.
Terminologies & Theory – A ballet vocabulary uses French terms for the steps and technique that usually tend to describe the quality of the movement. Also sometime the teacher provides theory knowledge about body anatomy, ballet history in class.

Benefits & Advantage of a Ballet class

  • Improves posture and body alignment. Ballet helps lengthen the muscles, straightens the back and maintaining physical structure intact.
  • Improves co-ordination, flexibility, Agility, mobility and balance. Ballet creates the most beautiful bodies that can be compared with Goddess and Gods.
  • Develop movement skills, musicality and expressivity. The dance form is expressed through bodies and has steps that includes fast turns to jumping in air and lift. Creativity is enhanced and once you become deeply involved in the form, every moment of dance becomes just so expressive.
  • Become physically stronger as well as mentally by challenging memory, observation skills, being in discipline. Ballet makes us use our left and right brain.
  • A healthy, fit individual with higher stamina and cardiovascular endurance.
  • Confidence, boost self-esteem and presence.
  • Facilitates body-mind connection and all over well-being.
  • Students learns to understand how to work under pressure, with discipline by following structured way of living as a dancer.
  • Communication skills and social skills.

You might not aspire to become a ballerina in future, but learning this internationally renowned dance form gives you so many benefits that you start loving it. It’s so beautiful, graceful and strong. Today in India, children and teenagers are taking up this dance form to excel in dance, studies and sports. Today ballet is not just a dance, but it is a means to go beyond, to test your capabilities physically, for well-being and connect to your body-mind.
Ballet has become stress buster for some, means to stay fit for others. Ballet is today not only for dancers, it is for one who sees beauty in dancing.
“To me one can fall in love with the universe and discover themselves through Ballet.”


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